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买卖房产需要注意的事项, Wong Wei Fan & Co.


买卖房产签署合约前所需要 注意的事项
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Solidarity Beyond 2021: Unlocking the Caveats, Wong Wei Fan & Co.

Solidarity Beyond 2021: Unlocking the Caveats

A property caveat is a legal notice that informs a legal claim of interest for a property, and, during a property transaction...
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疫情期间商家如何追讨债务, Wong Wei Fan & Co.


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Business Handover, Wong Wei Fan & Co.

Are You Selling Off Your Business Due to Covid-19?

Many businesses have suffered greatly as a result of the downward spiral of the country’s economic infrastructure which many are forced to mainly, retrench workers...
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WSP Application FAQ, Wong Wei Fan & Co.

Wage Subsidy Programme (WSP) Application FAQs

What is Wage Subsidy Programme (WSP)? This is a salary subsidy programme by government for employers during MCO period with following conditions...
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雇员补贴计划, Wong Wei Fan & Co.


什么是雇员补贴计划?这是政府给予雇主在MCO的期间的工资补贴。只限于薪金RM4,000以下并且有缴付EIS的雇员 ...
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Property Sales MCO, Wong Wei Fan & Co.

Property Sales and Purchase Agreement during MCO

The stipulated time frame for the delivery of product / service to be provided has expired in a commercial contract yet a business or an individual could not operate its business as usual...
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房屋买卖合约, Wong Wei Fan & Co.

进行中的房屋买卖合约怎么办(3+1 怎么算)?

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