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Wong Wei Fan

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  • LLB (Hons) Hull, UK CLP
  • Diploma in International Arbitration
  • ICSA (Candidate)
  • Partner

Mr. Wong Wei Fan graduated from the University of Hull. Upon returning to Malaysia, he had obtained and completed both Certificate in Legal Practice and Diploma in International Arbitration in the subsequent year. He then read in the Chambers of Dato’ Ng Mann Cheong at Messrs. Syed Alwi, Ng & Co where he had actively involved in litigation works especially Banking litigation and Debts Recovery. Also he had the general litigations exposure on probate, marriage and divorce, tenancy dispute, distress action, Housing Development Act matters and etc. Mr. Wong Wei Fan was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya on 24/9/2012.

Upon completed his chambering and admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of High Court of Malaya, he then joined a boutique law firm which specialist in Industrial Law both in terms of advisory services and extensive representation of companies at the Industrial Court and beyond. This led to his frequent involvement in trade disputes involving Unions and employers either on a stand-alone basis or on an industry basis.

Apart from this, he is actively involved in both advise and litigation several other fields of law. This would include corporate and commercial law together with vast experiences to deal and apply through the procedures with both governmental and non-governmental organisations for various matters. His advisory services on corporate matters advance from both legal and economical point of views. He is also a candidate for ICSA who has already attended and passed most of the modules. Mr. Wong Wei Fan has then joined Messrs. JY Wong & Partners as an equity partner in January 2013 handling the litigation matter as well as corporate advisory, conveyancing transaction and Bank’s loan documentation.

Throughout the years of practice Mr. Wong Wei Fan has built up and acquired constant explosure both in terms of legal knowledge for conveyancing matters & loan documentation and portfolio of clients.


Conveyancing & Loan Documentation

  1. Advised and Representing the Vendor on the proposed disposal of a RM18.5 Million worth of Factory together with Office Block in Beranang. The milestone of work includes but not limited to conducting a legal and technical due diligence exercise on the target company, negotiating on the proposed transaction as a whole and drafting of a Sale and Purchase Agreement together with other related documents.

  2. Successfully defended the Vendor on an intended Specific Performance prayed by the Purchaser in Ipoh High Court.


Debts Recovery and Construction Disputes

  1. Commenced debts recovery action against the main-contractor who is a Listed Company in Korea which had also led to a construction disputes on behalf of the Malaysia’s sub-   contractor, where both parties involved in the construction of 6 Mega Watt Solar Energy Farm being one of the Malaysia’s largest solar energy farm. Mr. Wong Wei Fan had successfully brought the parties to an amicable settlement and had the main-contractor finally paid to his client.


Beauty Line’s Regulations and Dispute

  1. Mr. Wong Wei Fan is handling the profile of various famous brands in this industry i.e New
    York Skin Care Sdn Bhd, London Weight Management Sdn Bhd, Yun Nam Hair Care Sdn Bhd,
    Dorra Slimming Sdn Bhd and etc for the compliance of beauty line’s regulations and
  2. Apart from the compliance of the industry, in a High Court case which involved of a claim by
    the Plaintiff for inefficiency treatment, misrepresentation, negligence, loss and injuries from
    consuming of Defendant’s products and services, he had successfully persuaded the High
    Court judge to order the Plantiff to withdraw her case with cost for the Defendant while the
    Plaintiff was unable to proceed during the trial and prayed for postponement of the case.
    Mr. Wong Wei Fan see this case as a vexatious and regret buyer’s claim in the industry.


Employment Disputes and Collateral Agreement

  1. Succesfully claimed back the advance commission paid by the Plaintiff to the Defendant and
    had the High Court Judge to declare the validity on the recovery of advance commission
    clause which stated in the Employment Contract entered between the Plaintiff Employer and
    Defendant Employee.
  2. Assisted in drafting of the Defence for Malayan Banking Berhad in the Industrial Court case
    filed by The National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE) on a claim over their wages.
  3. Assisted in drafting of the Defence for Malayan Banking Berhad in the Industrial Court case
    filed by their employee for reviewing on the terms of collateral contract.



  1. Commenced a Legal Defamation Suit on behalf of a British Client against a Malaysia listed company and a world-wide business magazine.


Previous Employment

Messrs. Syed Alwi, Ng & Co
The Chambers of R.Sivagnanam & Associates
Equity Partner at Messrs JY Wong & Partners


Professional Membership

Malaysian Bar (Member)
Kuala Lumpur Bar (Member)