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Debt Recovery Collection

We have guided individual clients who want to recover unpaid sums of money whether arising from a written agreement, a verbal agreement, an unpaid invoice, freelancer payment or friendly loan. We tailor our solutions to our clients requirements in a professional and transparent manner. Our range of services are geared to demonstrating adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications in Malaysia with practical and creative solutions.

We have assisted corporations for the recovery and collection of payment whether arising from goods sold and delivered, services provided and rendered, construction payment, credit terms and statement of account which is due and payable. Our clients reputation is our top priority. We take time to understand your needs and aim to provide solutions that pursue unpaid debts in a cost-effective manner while still preserving a good relationship with your customer.

We have advised to our Clients who may adopt the following measures for enforcing an order in their favour. Factors such as costs, time, types of asset owned by the debtor, etc. are to be taken into account to decide which of the below is the most effective way to enforce a judgment.  Below are a few ways to enforce a judgment in Malaysia:

  • Judgment debtor summons
  • Bankruptcy proceeding
  • Winding-up proceeding
  • Writ of, seizure and sale
  • Garnishee proceedings
  • Charging order