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We advise on a wide scope of property transactions for real estate matters including residential, commercial, retail, industrial property and land. We represent vendors, purchasers, property developers, contractors and financiers in a considerable variety of matters such as:

  • applications to the relevant regulatory bodies and authorities for consent pertaining to dealings with landed and non-landedmatters;
  • assignment and vesting of rights in landed and non landedproperty;
  • charges and other form of securities either provided for in the Malaysian National Land Code 1965, or any other land legislation orotherwise;
  • financing of property purchase orsecurity;
  • discharge of securities and loan for disposal ofproperty;
  • housing and other land development projects for residential and commercial properties;
  • technical due diligenceexercise;
  • issues relating to strata titles and building and commonproperties;
  • sale and purchase of residential, commercial, industrial properties, land and auction properties;
  • tenancies, leases and licences of residential, commercial and industrial properties;
  • residential and commercial developmentproject;
  • real property gains tax advice;and
  • general taxationadvise.