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We provide services to the local banks in all spheres of banking litigation, formal and informal debt restructuring, private debt work-outs and in various regulatory proceedings. Our practice involves all aspects of debt recovery claims by banks and financial institution including claims pursuant to syndicated loans, trade financing facilities, private debt securities and share margin transactions.

We also provide services in the fields of civil and commercial disputes, with the objective of helping our clients to resolve their disputes in the most efficient manner, whether through litigation, mediation or arbitration.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Construction disputes;
  • commerciallitigation;
  • disputes involving breach ofcontract;
  • factoring, hire purchase, leasingclaims;
  • insolvency advice pertaining to liquidation,special administration, restructuring, receivers and managers’
  • motor vehicle claims anddefence;
  • employmentdisputes;
  • landlord and tenantdisputes;
  • distress action;
  • partnershipdisputes;
  • joint venture and shareholderdisputes;
  • defamation
  • tortious disputes such as defamation or negligence;and
  • injunction application.